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Raw Diet for Weight Loss

Many of us looking to lose weight fast tend to consider extreme dietary changes to jumpstart the process. One of those diets is a regimen consisting of only raw foods. For some, raw foods are a way of life and, as such, not a dramatic change in their eating habits. However, for most of us who consume a variety of cooked and raw foods, the switch is nothing short of extreme.

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For those of us used to a varied diet, moving to raw foods only can come as a shock. And while our bodies may get used to the change in dietary pattern rather quickly, there are two major considerations to understand before embarking on such a change – maintaining the diet and making sure we don’t get sick.

First, a raw diet – actually any significant dietary change – can be hard to sustain. While you may feel good eating only raw foods for a week, even two, your cravings for cooked food may creep back. Much like with other diets, patients tend to return to their old habits, regain their weight and sometime end up even higher than their starting point. The key here lies in the saying: Variety is the Spice of Life. This is often true in dieting as well. When we eat a variety of foods that we enjoy and give us the nutrition we need, we tend to feel more satisfied after a meal.

Second, a raw diet brings with it the prospect of illness. Raw or undercooked food can cause serious food-borne illnesses which are enhanced in those with less developed or compromised immune systems such as children, the elderly and pregnant women. Obese patients may also be more susceptible to illness. To get your ideal protein intake you may have to consume raw fish, meat and eggs, increasing your chances of food poisoning.

Before embarking on a raw diet, or any diet that significantly deviates from generally accepted food intake guidelines, be sure to speak to a professional. You may wish to incorporate more raw foods into your diet – there’s no doubt that they are often more nutritious than their cooked counterparts. However, moderation and the ability to maintain a diet are key, so you may wish to rethink a raw-only diet.

Making sure that your diet is sustainable is one of the most effective ways to ensure long-term weight loss and goal maintenance, so speak to your doctor or nutritionist, especially if you have had bariatric surgery.

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