Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

Insurance for bariatric surgery is a commonly used form of payment for most major procedures. Most insurance companies have recognized that obesity is a disease and that weight loss surgery is one of the most effective ways to fight it in the long term. In fact, longer-term health ultimately leads to lower costs for the insurance company. As a result, many insurance companies cover major weight loss surgery procedures. However, insurance coverage also depends on the specific plan and even one’s employer. If the patient’s employer does not include bariatric surgery coverage in the group plan, the patient may have limited or no benefits.

Insurance companies often have very strict qualification criteria to ensure that the procedure is being performed as a medical necessity. They want to ensure that the procedure is for an obese person who can truly benefit from bariatric surgery’s primary goal – disease resolution. As a result, each insurance company has differing qualification criteria, which can vary widely in scope. While some may seem relatively easy to meet, others may require more time and effort.

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The cost of obesity to society, the individual, and the insurance company is huge. Most insurers understand that it is in everyone’s best interest, financially and otherwise, to cover bariatric surgery procedures for those suffering from obesity and its related diseases. However, insurance companies also want to save money and as a result, require strict qualification criteria.

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