Advertising Policy:

We are dedicated to offering each visitor an experience of the highest quality. We have developed strict advertising guidelines to help ensure that is the case.

Our website is funded by the compensation received by sponsors. We actively solicit advertisement from bariatric surgeons who wish to list their practice on our nationwide directory and other companies and individuals who may wish to advertise a product we deem applicable to our audience. The decision to act on any advertisement or listing is solely yours. We do not endorse any advertisers, surgeons, contributors, products or services on this website unless we specifically mention otherwise. Choosing a healthcare provider, product or service should not be based solely on the information contained on our website or in any advertisement.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising in the form of banner ads may appear in various places throughout the website. Bariatric Surgery Corner is not responsible for the content of the website to which the display ad is linked. Display advertising will be clearly marked as an advertisement either above, beneath or below the advertisement.

Expert Reviewers:

Expert reviewers who have reviewed and approved content for publication have not been compensated monetarily, nor have they monetarily compensated Bariatric Surgery Corner, LLC. They are included in various parts of our website to thank them for their time in reviewing content for accuracy and not as an endorsement of their services.


Bariatric Surgery Corner does not accept editorial content written by a third party if its primary intent is to advertise a practice, service or product. We will never knowingly publish advertorial content. If you believe that any editorial content may be a disguised advertisement please email us at [email protected].

Affiliate Advertising:

Affiliate advertising rewards a website that refers visitors to a third-party website. These advertising methods typically pay websites like ours every time a sale is made, a click is made or an action performed that is a direct result of our referral. We do not accept affiliate advertising. Every advertiser on our website pays a flat fee for placement regardless of the number of referrals generated by traffic to this website.

Bariatric Surgeon Directory Listings:

All bariatric surgeon directory listings are paid listings except those of expert reviewers. These listings have been added without verification of the accuracy of content. We rely on our bariatric surgeon advertisers to provide us with accurate content and update it as the situation may warrant. Their listing is not an endorsement of their competence or their services.

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