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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

You have chosen bariatric surgery to help you with your weight loss goals, pre-op testing is complete, and you have been cleared for surgery. Now, it becomes imperative to prepare properly for your upcoming weight loss procedure. While this is not a comprehensive guide to your preparations for surgery, following the tips outlined below can help mitigate complications and assist in your weight loss efforts far into the future.

Stop Smoking

Most importantly you will have to stop smoking if you haven’t already. Smoking causes a restriction in the blood vessels throughout the body, which in turn can make infection more likely. Your surgeon will discuss stopping smoking completely. This should be done as soon as you have decided that surgery is right for you and at least 6 weeks before the procedure.

Start Your Post-Op Diet

Losing a few pounds before surgery may improve your general health enough to help avoid some complications during and after surgery. Get an advance copy of your post-operative instructions and start following the diet. At very least, substitute bad foods for healthier options. As an added bonus, starting your diet before surgery can also make it easier to continue afterwards – the post-op diet will not come as a shock to you. You will likely be placed on a 7-14 day liver shrink diet, which will include significantly restricted caloric intake.

Coordinate Family and Friends

Don’t overlook coordinating friends’ and family’s visits to the hospital. Also make sure you have someone to help you at home for a few days after surgery. Ensuring the comfort of your hospital stay with predictable visits will help you in your recovery. Having your support team in place is invaluable.


Finally, relax and take the bariatric surgery process step by step. In any surgery, your safety is paramount, followed by the effectiveness of the procedure. Staying calm and working efficiently with your medical team can help ensure the very best outcomes.

Excellent preparation for a bariatric surgical procedure can start the weight loss and disease improvement journey off on the right foot. It is important to remember that you, as the patient, have a responsibility to change your lifestyle – something that can start before surgery too. Your entire medical team is ready, willing and able to make your preparations for surgery as efficient and effective as possible.

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