New Year’s Resolution Update

By now, you’ve had a few weeks to think about, develop and begin to implement your New Year’s Resolution. How is it going? If you’re like most of us, New Year’s Resolutions can fall by the wayside shortly after setting our goals. The reasons are many and varied. For some, the stress of everyday life or negative events becomes overwhelming, and the diet is out the window. For others, our goals were too lofty, and they just seem impossible to reach. Still others never believed they could hit their goals in the first place and forgot about their resolution on January second.

No matter what the reason for letting your resolutions drop, now is the time to pick up the pieces, redouble your efforts and make a real change in your life. You may be asking how exactly you’ll do that and the answer, while simple, is not easy. Go back to basics.

Over the course of years of frustration with diet failures and broken promises, we can alternately become very cynical about our health or reach too far, expecting to lose way too much weight in too short a period. Both feelings and reactions revolve around diet fatigue. By getting back to basics and setting simple goals, we can fight and win the battle against our poor health.

For example, instead of looking to lose every ounce of excess body weight and look like a movie star, try maintaining a fifteen-pound weight loss though the middle of the year. Once you reach June 30th, set a new goal – maybe another fifteen pounds by the end of the year. While in and of itself, fifteen pounds doesn’t seem like a lot of weight, imagine how you’ll feel in a couple years when you’ve lost 60 – and more important, kept it off.

Good luck with resetting your resolution goals and we wish you the best of luck in improving your health in 2022!

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