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Make The Most of Your Outdoor Plans This Spring & Summer

As we hit full Spring swing, so comes the opportunity to spend time outdoors. It’s usually a time to eat, too. For many bariatric surgery patients, however, the temptation to eat certain foods – and the struggle to resist them brings feelings of loss, emptiness, and guilt.

Here are some tips to eat well and manage the temptations around you:

Control the food. If you can have the party at your home, great! This will allow you to control what is served and how it is prepared. You may want to put out some diet-unfriendly foods for those who want them, but you can also prepare, design, and organize the favorites that allow you to stick to your diet plan.

Open up. If you are going to someone else’s home, speak to them candidly about your diet and ask if you can bring a healthy dish that you and other guests can enjoy.

Drink plenty of water before you go out. Drinking water may help fill you up before the big meal, meaning you will eat less and feel fuller sooner. You can also snack on low sodium soups and salads with healthy dressings.

If you must splurge, splurge the right way. For example, have a couple of forkfuls of dessert rather than a whole slice of cake. Avoid sugary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, trying to stick to water instead. If you must drink, limit it to a sip or small glass. Avoid the flavored drinks and treats advertised on TV, as they usually mean lots of sugar and artificial flavors. Most importantly get back on the right path the next day. Don’t beat yourself up over one day.

Partner up with a friend so that you both eat well. Having someone nearby who has the same dietary restrictions as you is helpful, even if only for this one eventful. Lean on each other for support.

Remind yourself of your weight loss achievements. Something as small as a wristband (or new bracelet!) can tell you that you have done well and may help you pass on that extra helping.

Ultimately, you can’t be perfect every day – you wouldn’t be human if you were. The key to success is bouncing back from those days that could have been better. Remember, tomorrow is a new day. Celebrate how far you’ve already come in your weight loss journey. And, as always, if you need help managing cravings or challenging situations, your support group peers, and your bariatric surgeon’s office staff are there to help!

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