Trialing Post-Op Nutrition Before Surgery

Protein shake in shaker bottle of bariatric surgery patient trialing post-op nutrition supplements

During the pre-operative process (especially during the 2-week liver shrink diet), it can be of great benefit to accumulate and ‘experiment’ with various nutrition formulations such as clear and full liquid protein and supplement sources. Researching and anticipating the expense of these nutrition sources is also an important step in planning life after bariatric surgery. You can start by acquiring a variety of flavors and compositions of nutrition aids that might be most beneficial before you become limited by the physical discomforts of post-op recovery. Further, it reduces your reliance on friends’ or family’s availability to attend to such needs during that initial post-op period.

During these times, taste and ingredient intolerances may become apparent. These are usually found with the consumption of concentrated dairy (whey protein) shakes and artificial sweeteners that may create tremendous laxative effects or gaseous issues. Knowing this before surgery can save time and experimentation later on.

Rapid weight loss and related ketosis have also been associated with a change in taste preferences, making having varied supplies even more important. Some patients prefer salty versus sweet formulations and recipes, and other factors may include the temperature or viscosity of the various products. Even gathering and trialing equipment such as juicers, blenders, and food processors may be of benefit. Again, acquiring and trialing these resources, can be invaluable during the pre-op phase and prior to the rigors of the immediate post-op experience.

How to Buy These Products?

Learning more about the different products available to bariatric surgery patients is essential. As you do, you will probably realize that a significant number of products and companies cater primarily or even exclusively to bariatric surgery patients. Many of these products are interchangeable, but you may want to speak to your nutritionist or bariatric surgeon about which is best for your particular circumstance. Similarly, how you prepare these products will also be a necessary consideration. Nothing is worse than having a delicious food or drink ruined by texture or consistency, especially in the liquid or soft food diet phase, so getting a high-quality blender or food processor may be vital. If you are less discerning, you might get away with a more budget-friendly piece of machinery.

Remember that you are embarking on a significant life change. Now is the time to put effort into ensuring that that change can be maintained for the long term. Of course, your circumstances and preferences will change over time, and that is fine. However, having the basics at your disposal immediately after surgery saves time, effort and stress when you will undoubtedly have other things on your mind.

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