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Subway – Healthy Eating After Bariatric Surgery

Note: Whether you’ve had bariatric surgery or not, you’ll likely visit a fast-food or fast-casual restaurant at some point. With our rushed and busy lives, fast food may cross our minds. Often, we can get something to hold us over without destroying the diet, but it’s important to choose right. Speak to your bariatric practice and dietician for guidance…do not rely on this guide alone.

Most fast-food restaurants aren’t considered healthy. However, some of these restaurants make it easier for those looking to cut back on their calorie intake. This is especially important after having bariatric surgery, as continuing care typically recommends a high-protein, low-sugar, and low-fat diet. This diet is the opposite of most fast-food meals; burgers and fries are notoriously high in saturated fat and processed carbs. Luckily, some fast-food restaurants are now offering foods that appeal to those who are more health conscious. One of these healthier restaurants is Subway, which until recently was the most popular fast-food restaurant in the world. This was partly due to its convenience, low prices, and reputation as healthier fast food. Subway, after all, has always relied heavily on marketing itself as the “Fresh Fit” restaurant and has

Below are some tips for choosing the healthiest meals at Subway:

Choose healthier bread.

If you’re going for a sandwich, opt for the multigrain or whole grain varieties, as these are less processed and pack more fiber. Also, regardless of the sandwich you choose, be sure only to get a 6-inch and not footlong sub; the latter is too large of a portion for one meal, especially after having bariatric surgery. FYI – a wrap may seem like a healthier option, but the wraps contain more calories than the bread!

Avoid fatty meats.

Subway has a variety of pre-cooked proteins and deli meats, though some are very high in fat. Avoid high-calorie proteins like meatballs, pastrami, salami, roast beef, and ham. Not only are these high in sodium, but they also tend to pack more saturated fat than chicken and turkey.

Don’t go crazy with sauces.

Sauces and spreads make food more delicious, but they are high in fat and sugar. The highest-calorie sauces are mayo and aioli, but any sauce will pack calories if you use too much. Stick to just one sauce or go light with oil and vinegar.

Add the veggies!

Choosing more vegetables is the most obvious way to make a Subway sandwich healthier, but it bears repeating: add color to your plate. Subway offers a variety of veggies to choose from, including nutrient-dense choices like spinach, olives, and tomatoes. (Tip: avocado also supplies some healthy fat; if you didn’t choose mayo or cheese, try to choose one fat serving per meal.) Another good option at Subway is asking for a salad, which reduces carbs and ensures you get plenty of vitamins and minerals from the lettuce and veggies.

Eating healthy is difficult, especially if you’re on a specialized diet. Getting bariatric surgery means being more conscious about your nutrition habits. Living a busy life means sometimes stopping for a quick and easy meal, and the above tips make it easier to ensure a healthier meal at Subway.

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