Gastric Band FAQs

Q: Who Is The Ideal Gastric Band Patient?
A: The gastric band, also known as the Lap-Band, is available to patients with BMIs as low as 30 if they also suffer from an obesity-related disease. The band offers the least weight loss potential of major bariatric surgeries, so it may be more suitable for those who are on the lower end of the obesity scale, if at all.

Q: Is The Gastric Band Performed Laparoscopically?
A: Yes, the gastric band is meant to be placed in a minimally invasive manner.

Q: How Long Is The Hospital Stay After A Gastric Banding Procedure?
A: A typical, uneventful recovery from a laparoscopic gastric band will require a 1-night stay in the hospital. It can sometimes be performed on an outpatient basis.

Q: Can The Gastric Band Be Reversed?
A: Yes, in case of illness or pregnancy, the band can be removed. However, the patient should expect to regain most if not all of the weight they lost as they will no longer have the band’s restriction to assist.

Q: Can You Convert/Revise A Gastric Band?
A: Yes, the gastric band can be converted relatively easily. Since it can be removed, it can be substituted for any other bariatric procedure, assuming the patient is a candidate for the new surgery.

Q: I’ve Heard That The Gastric Band Has A High Risk Of Long-Term Complications. Is This True?
A: Since every patient will experience a different outcome from their banding procedure, it is hard to predict exact outcomes, especially over the longer term. What we do know is that over the longer term, yes, the gastric band has a higher rate of revisions than gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and duodenal switch.

Q: Will I Feel The Band?
A: Some patients experience sensations from the band. Usually, it is a feeling of tightness – most often in the morning. You will be able to feel the access port, placed just under the skin, but it shouldn’t cause any discomfort and will quickly become “normal” to you.

Q: Does The Gastric Band Require More Follow Up Than Other Procedures?
A: Yes, it does. Since the gastric band is adjustable, it requires several follow-up visits to get the ideal restriction. The process requires some trial and error.

Q: Is The Gastric Band Right For Me?
A: Before making the decision as to which procedure is right for your circumstance, you will need to consult with a bariatric surgeon.

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