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Gastric Sleeve FAQs

Q: What is the Difference between a Gastric Sleeve and a Sleeve Gastrectomy?
A: Nothing at all – the terms are interchangeable. Some patients and physicians prefer using one term over the other.

Q: Who Is The Ideal Gastric Sleeve Patient?
A: Anyone with a BMI of 40 or over, or those with a BMI of 35 or over and have one or more obesity related diseases may qualify. Because of its excellent results and versatility, the gastric sleeve can be successful for a wide range of patients. However, some patients will see their GERD or chronic acid reflux worsen. The sleeve may also be preferable to a gastric band for those who are extremely obese – with a BMI of 60 or over.

Q: What results can I expect?
A: The gastric sleeve has excellent weight loss and obesity related disease improvement potential. While individual results vary, that average patient may lose up to 70% of their excess body weight. Patients will also improve or eliminate many of their obesity related diseases.

Q: Are All Sleeves Performed Laparoscopically?
A: Most of our gastric sleeve procedures are performed in a minimally invasive manner. However, patient specific circumstances may dictate an open procedure being safer or more effective. If patient safety is a concern, the procedure may be converted to open during surgery – this is a rare occurrence.

Q: How Long Is The Hospital Stay After A Gastric Sleeve?
A: A typical, uneventful recovery from a laparoscopic gastric sleeve will require a 1-2 night stay in the hospital. An open procedure may require additional observation time.

Q: Is The Gastric Sleeve Reversible?
A: In short, no. Part of the stomach is removed from the abdomen during this procedure and cannot be reattached.

Q: Can You Revise A Gastric Sleeve?
A: Absolutely, yes. In fact the gastric sleeve offers a number of revision and conversion options. The sleeve procedure can be repeated to shrink the stomach further, or the procedure can be converted to a gastric bypass or duodenal switch. Please learn more about gastric sleeve revisions.

Q: Will I Feel Hungry?
A: A number of patients will feel fewer hunger pangs as a result of a sleeve procedure. This is due to the removal of the fundus of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone ghrelin. Not all patients receive this benefit.

Q: If The Gastric Sleeve Was Originally Part Of A Duodenal Switch (DS), Why Don’t I Go All The Way With The DS?
A: The duodenal switch is an experimental procedure. While it does offer exception weight loss potential, it is complex, comes with a number of additional risks and considerations and may not be covered by your insurance. Additionally, the gastric sleeve is very effective as a standalone procedure and many patients will not require going any further.

Q: Is The Gastric Sleeve Right For Me?
A: The gastric sleeve is appropriate for a wide range of patients. However, you will not know if it is right for you without a thorough pre-operative examination and a consultation with a bariatric surgeon. The gastric sleeve is currently the most popular weight loss surgery procedure in the US.

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